10 Best Undershirts For Men

tank top men's stylingOn Pinterest I pinned a blog entitled “Bras For MenTo Wear.” As a result of the information, I started researching men’s undershirts since I believe one size doesn’t fit all. What if you’re short or long waisted, a thinner or a bigger man, need Shapewear, really like soft cotton?  Here’s a list of the 10 Best Undershirts for Men:

1. The Invisible Undershirt, for the man who does not want his undershirt to show through his dress shirt, 100% combed cotton, fitted, available in white, gray and black,  jT collectedthreads.com; $18.

2. Compression undershirts, flat chest for Moobs, White Crew Style $72.50 USD; Tank style $66 USD, UK-based Firm51.

3. Compression undershirts, firms chest, flattens stomach, improves posture, Zoned Performance For Men $55 – $78, spanx.com.

4. Best T-Shirt, Peruvian Pima Cotton, $36, Alternative Apparel.

5. Best For Summer, this company designed actor Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale undershirts. Tees have a superior quality to them, Egyptian Cotton Vest,$50; Superfine Low V $65, Sunspel.

6. Best For Shorter Men, Vince Favorite T-Shirt, has higher bottom hem, Pima Cotton, $45, found at Vince.com.

7. Best for Taller Men, Tommy Hilfiger Classic V-Neck, thicker cotton, 4-Pack $40, found at Freshpair.com.

8. Best for Thinner Men, Ralph Lauren Classic V-Neck. Large coming out of package, but after washing shrinks to a narrow fit. 3 for $38.50, ralphlauren.com.

9. Best for Bigger Men 2(X)ist. Essential Jersey V-Neck. Good fit for a belly and hugh arms. 3 for $36, 2xist.com.

10. Non-cotton option. Ribbed tee Retrofit V-Neck. Lightweight, trim and slightly clingy. 2 for $27.90, found at ribbedtee.com.

You can click on any or all of the links and see for yourself the variety of men’s undershirts available for you.  As an honorable mention, actor Mario Lopez has created his own line of undershirts and briefs, RatedM.  Made from natural modal-cotton blend, the tees have a bottom hem slightly weighted to create a nice shape and look.  Great alone or with a pair of jeans, Rated M, $19.88

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