Clarisse Ringwald

Clarisse Ringwald

Hi, I’m Clarisse, and my mission is to help you find your most attractive and authentic look so that you can look good — and feel good — every time you put on your clothes.

What I’ve discovered after 25 years as an image consultant is that all women are beautiful — even the ones who think they aren’t. I consider it my responsibility to help you discover that part of yourself that is different from everyone else, and teach you how to accentuate it and feel good about it.

Discover the dressing style that is uniquely tailored to you and your personal energy.

I utilize Fashion Feng Shui® and perform an Essential Color™ Analysis with 70 color drapes to determine which colors, fabrics, and styles will most compliment your unique coloring and personal energy. Unlike a personal stylist who simply helps with shopping and picking out clothing according to your preferences, I create a look for you and educate you on what is truly best for you as an individual.

As a result, you will have everything you need to shop on your own with confidence, because you’ll know what works best for you, and just as importantly, what doesn’t. I’ll also shop your closet and show you how to see what you already have in new ways.

Sometimes people worry that I’ll change them into someone they don’t recognize, but the opposite is true – I show you how to enhance your natural beauty so you feel confident in your own skin AND turn heads in all the right ways.

When your image reflects who you truly are at your best, your entire presence shifts – you walk and talk more confidently, and people take notice of you in a new way.

You deserve to dress well!

You can sit around and pine after the body you don’t have, or you can embrace the body you do have and make it shine.

If you’re ready to explore how to dress in a way that brings out your unique beauty, I’d love to talk with you. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


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  • WOWOB: Women Owned Women Operated Business


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