Teaching Your Daughter A Sense of Style!

Have your thought about your fashion sense, your ability to put clothing together in an updated style and how that ability relates to your children, specifically to your daughter?  Who taught you?  Do you know which colors look best on you and what style of clothing fits your body?  If you’re in the mindset, “I’ve […]

Do You Know Your Undertone?

Colors are classified into two categories:  warm and cool.  Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, states, “Your appearance, for better or worse, is affected by the colors you wear.  . . . [A]ny color placed next to your face will affect the appearance of your skin color.  Like a piece of paper, your skin will either […]

What Is The Intention vs. Fashion Feng Shui

TMZ displayed photos and/or videos of Justin Beber, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.  Whatever their intention, their celebrity status gets put to the test when private events such as these are recorded. Three of the celebrities were intentionally naked, the fourth, possibly an invasion of privacy.    Fashion Feng Shui does not have […]

Shoes — How To Attract Women

When women go out to a club, to a restaurant with friends, or on a date with you, ever wonder why they check out your shoes?  I will let you in on a big secret.  If you’re shoes are fine leather, in good repair and shined, women know you think enough of yourself, you will […]

Business Travel – What To Wear Outside The U.S.

Traveling for your company?  Here are some do’s and don’ts re business attire for cities around the world: London Do dark neutrals, navy, gray, brown (black on bottom half).  Don’t do black suits unless you’re meeting with a banking or legal client.  Stay away from bright colors.  Wear only small prints, stay away from large […]

10 Best Tips for Selecting Eyewear

In five seconds first impressions are struck.  Glasses can make you look edgy, mysterious, intellectual, authoritative and chic.  If you need a new prescription, have a new job or a promotion, have broken glasses or have changed your hair color, you are in need of a new pair.  Wendy Buchanan, be Spectacular Choosing Eyewear To Frame Your […]

Looking Fabulous At Any Age

No matter what your age, size or shape, you can look fabulous.  This doesn’t mean you need to do anything drastic.  But it does mean you need to know (1) what looks good on you; and, (2) how to accentuate your best features. I believe every woman is beautiful and every man is attractive.  The secret lies […]

Head Lice Vacation Horror

With fond memories, great photos and souvenirs, I returned home from vacation to discover, in horror, that I had transported parasites across state lines — I brought home head lice.  Nothing to do with cleanliness, income level,  or age, head lice needs a human host, that’s it.  On disclosure, shunning is quite common and it’s […]

The Sopranos

I was addicted to the HBO Series, The Sopranos.  Since the untimely passing of James Gandolfni, Tony Soprano, I look up the HBO “The Sopranos” homepage, to find out more about Tony’s dress.  Award-winning costume designer, Juliet Polcsa, is credited for dressing the cast since the series’ second episode. Tony Soprano had his own identity […]

The Lunch Box

What excuse do you use when things in life don’t go your way, you want to put something off or you just don’t want to deal with it? My son was preparing to enter the second grade.  Out shopping for school supplies, he found a KISS lunchbox and wanted me to purchase it for him.  […]