10 Best Undershirts For Men

On Pinterest I pinned a blog entitled “Bras For MenTo Wear.” As a result of the information, I started researching men’s undershirts since I believe one size doesn’t fit all. What if you’re short or long waisted, a thinner or a bigger man, need Shapewear, really like soft cotton?  Here’s a list of the 10 Best […]

Scottsdale – What To Wear When You Are There

If you are traveling and/or moving soon to Scottsdale, AZ, you are among nearly 7 million people who do each year. Here’s what you will see the residents wearing and what you will find to buy:  Resort Wear:  Who can resist the beautiful sunrises and sunsets or the out-of-door romantic dinners?  Resort wear designers, as […]

Makes A Whole Lot Of Scents

Do you need your scent to last all day?  Fragrance expert, Ruth Sutcliffe, Cosmopolitan Magazine, explains that amber, woody and vanilla-based scents can last twice as long as citrus and floral blends which tend to last only a few hours.  Mist yourself an hour before a party or date.  It takes that long for the […]

Personal Branding, A Professional Marketing Strategy

Armani, Chanel, Prada, well-known and well-recognized.  They represent the best . . . quality, stylish and chic.  No one asks Who???  Why, because of branding.  Excellent strategists on personal branding are Madonna, Jordan, Ali, and Oprah.  No one asks WHO because their names are recognizable.  They have created their own personal brand.  Because impression in […]

Texture Takeover

Texture is the amount of surface interest in a fabric.  Image Consultant Jennifer Butler, Reinventing Your Style, 7 Strategies For Looking Dynamic, Powerful and Inspiring, states [t]he greater the surface interest, the greater the texture.  Fall, 2013 will be a continuation of featured textures with animal hair dominating the season.  You will see belts, gloves, […]

How To Rock A Halloween Costume

In order to rock a Halloween Costume, this is what you need to know — repeat your hair color somewhere in the costume or the effect will be disconnected and scrambled. Wearing three colors always expresses costume, exaggeration and accent.  Irenee Riter, The Science Of Personal Dress, A New Paradigm of Color and Body Analysis, […]

Teaching Your Daughter A Sense of Style!

Have your thought about your fashion sense, your ability to put clothing together in an updated style and how that ability relates to your children, specifically to your daughter?  Who taught you?  Do you know which colors look best on you and what style of clothing fits your body?  If you’re in the mindset, “I’ve […]

Do You Know Your Undertone?

Colors are classified into two categories:  warm and cool.  Sandy Dumont, The Image Architect, states, “Your appearance, for better or worse, is affected by the colors you wear.  . . . [A]ny color placed next to your face will affect the appearance of your skin color.  Like a piece of paper, your skin will either […]

What Is The Intention vs. Fashion Feng Shui

TMZ displayed photos and/or videos of Justin Beber, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.  Whatever their intention, their celebrity status gets put to the test when private events such as these are recorded. Three of the celebrities were intentionally naked, the fourth, possibly an invasion of privacy.    Fashion Feng Shui does not have […]

Shoes — How To Attract Women

When women go out to a club, to a restaurant with friends, or on a date with you, ever wonder why they check out your shoes?  I will let you in on a big secret.  If you’re shoes are fine leather, in good repair and shined, women know you think enough of yourself, you will […]