Head Lice Vacation Horror

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With fond memories, great photos and souvenirs, I returned home from vacation to discover, in horror, that I had transported parasites across state lines — I brought home head lice.  Nothing to do with cleanliness, income level,  or age, head lice needs a human host, that’s it.  On disclosure, shunning is quite common and it’s a guaranteed withdrawal of any social invitation.  Be prepared to get committed on treatment and stick with it for about 30 days (a louse lifespan).   

An Internet search revealed I had nits (lice eggs).  If I detected eggs, something had to lay them!  Over thousands of years in existence head lice have developed a harder shell and are highly resistant to over-the-counter and prescription treatments.  Quite contagious, head lice are transmitted person to person, or by sharing caps, brushes or combs.  They do not jump or fly.  They cannot survive off a human host for more than 24-48 hours.  Are you scratching your head?

To the outside world it seemed as if I started taking in laundry to make extra money.  I laundered all bedding, towels and clothing used and worn before and every day during treatment.  It was endless with bags of laundry staged in the laundry room, family room and up the stairs.  Head lice do not like mint.  I purchased a bottle of Peppermint aromatherapy drops and spread them over the bed, bedding, bed pillows and throw pillows.  For the hats and clothing bagged from the vacation trip, I also spread the Peppermint drops in those plastic bags.  I threw away all hair brushes and combs, bought new and boiled those used during treatment. 

There are discreet lice removal services to hire.  Some services come to you in the privacy of your own home and some services you go to them in the privacy of their office.  They remove the lice from the hair strand by strand.  For those services that come to your home, they will inspect the household.  I should have elected to go this route.  I was in too much of a hurry to get the parasites off my head. I treated four times.  I purchased a box of Rid shampoo that comes with a lice comb.  I insisted on getting a prescription and purchased a tube of Sklice.  Lastly, I did the safest and most effective treatment.   I ordered online from theliceplace.com “The Lice Removal Kit #1”, containing the TLP Terminator Comb (aptly named), 1 bottle Mousse, a pesticide-free enzyme solution that breaks down the nit glue on the scalp, and 1 bottle Mint Spray.   I used the Mint Spray on my hair every day to prevent reinfection.  When I felt confident that I was lice free, I began using a good hair repair conditioner. If you or your family get struck with head lice, remain calm.  Feel free to contact me with questions or for more information.




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