LA’s Latest Trend – The Giving Keys: Pay It Forward

Used Engraved Keys

The Giving Keys

I recently read in one of the many fashion magazines I read to keep current on trends, that one of the latest was happening in Hollywood with the stars wearing used keys on long chains to support the LA homeless.  Upon investigation I found the website to order from, The Giving KeysFounded by Caitin Crosby, see her story at Love is the Key @ TEDxBend. 

A Giving Key is a used key found in a variety of sizes and shapes that’s engraved with a special word designated by you on your order, worn on a long or short chain, whichever you desire.  Located in downtown LA, the non-profit company employs those looking to transition out of homelessness.  Partnered with the United Way and most recently with Chrysalis, the company is attempting to find more employees. 

The message that comes with the key states, “When you get this key, you must give it away at some point to a person you feel needs the message, then write your story of why you gave it away.  My first key said “Love.”  I recently gave it away to a friend who was grieving over the recent death of her cousin by suicide.  As instructed, I wrote my story on The Giving Keys website and on its Facebook page.  Then, I placed by order for my second key, this time a double-sided “dainty” engraved key.  I am not revealing my two words.   Who knows I may give it to you. 

The keys are carried in over 300 stores and internationally, including Anthropologie, Fred Segal, Henri Bendle and Kitson.  You can have your own engraved key and if you like the idea of helping the homeless and paying it forward, place your order here at The Giving Keys.     

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