Makes A Whole Lot Of Scents

Black and Red Perfume BottleDo you need your scent to last all day?  Fragrance expert, Ruth Sutcliffe, Cosmopolitan Magazine, explains that amber, woody and vanilla-based scents can last twice as long as citrus and floral blends which tend to last only a few hours.  Mist yourself an hour before a party or date.  It takes that long for the more sultry base notes to come through.

Ms. Sutcliffe also explains where to apply fragrance – your pulse points (so it diffuses over the evening), behind your ears, the front of your neck, below your ears, the inside of your wrists, the nape of your neck, your cleavage, the backs of your knees and your stomach (the body’s heat center). You can also spritz your brush, and then run it though your hair. (This takes the place of one pulse-point spritz). Refrain from spritzing the scent into the air and walking through it.  The scent goes everywhere but on you.  Or, more than two spritzes in the air, too much on you!

To get all-night proportions, layer a coordinating shower gel and body lotion.  The holidays are a great time to get the products you’ll need to layer your scent.  Gift sets at great prices makes layering fragrances affordable.

For holiday travel, smell amazing upon arrival.  Spray your coat – fragrance clings to natural fabrics like cotton or cashmere, often longer than it does to your skin.  Spike your laundry – mist perfume on an unscented dryer sheet.  The heat cycle will infuse the molecules into your clothing.  Don’t forget your luggage – fragrances often have matching bar soaps, a perfect makeshift sachet.

Gift ideas – For your bff – tell the salesperson her go-to fragrance, then ask for the newest perfume made of similar notes.  Or, if she’s trendy, purchase a fragrance from one of her favorite designers.  For a Secret Santa – Go for a sampler kit.  Many stores sell minis of the season’s trendiest holiday scents.  For HIM – if he loves the fragrance you wear; get him the homme (male version) or one made with complimentary notes.


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