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In your personalized styling session, I utilize multiple techniques to determine your best colors and styles, I provide you with a styling portfolio and take you on a shopping excursion to teach you how to shop with confidence wherever you go.


Ready to discover how to look fabulous in any professional or casual situation? We’ll begin by analyzing your unique needs and appearance, and then I’ll teach you everything you need to know to shop with confidence so you can always look your best.

The Styling Package includes:

LICENSED-FACILITATOR-badge2Fashion Feng Shui® Consultation We’ll begin by determining your primary and influencing essence and set an Intention for a wardrobe that is authentic, enlightening and provides personal empowerment. Essential body colors, visual energy (your body shape), an Elemental Design Fusion (your style strategy) are determined, evaluation of four garments, and wardrobe planner provided. A Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Design Portfolio is provided. Typical time allotted for appointment 2-3 hours.

Essential ColorsEssential Color Analysis — We determine your personalized colors based on your skin tone and eye color utilizing your primary essence in the equation.  Using 70 color drapes as well as Essential Colors™ rangefinders, your color temperature and color hue are determined. A personalized color palette is provided. This consultation is highly recommended for anyone who has been color analyzed in the past with disappointment or confusing results or that was done more than 10 years ago. This is done in my home studio and the typical time allotted for appointment: 2-2.5 hours.

Wardrobe Analysis – I’ll shop your closet and show you how to utilize clothing you already have to suit your style and help you weed out clothing items that are not a good fit for you.  Typical time allotted for appointment 4 hours.  Your wardrobe will be “detoxed” and refreshed.  

Styling Portfolio – Once your analysis and consultation sessions are complete, you’ll receive a notebook with all of the information you need to shop with confidence – your Essential Colors™ personalized color palette, your Fashion Feng Shui® Elemental Design Portfolio, and wardrobe planner.

Shopping trip – We’ll take your styling portfolio into stores that meet your style preferences and I’ll act as your personal shopper, showing you how to select clothing that is right for you. Half day or full days can be scheduled.

CCC Virtual Styling Assistant — Free 90-day subscription after initial consultation. Including ongoing styling consultation via a virtual medium of your choice to answer those questions re clothing purchases, color, style, etc. (phone, email, SKYPE, instant messaging, Dropbox, etc.).

If you’re ready to explore how to dress in a way that brings out your unique beauty, I’d love to talk with you. Click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


Your 911 Fashion Emergency
For clients so they don’t freak out in front of their closet trying to plan that “special” outfit for a special occasion. Helpful if you’re trying to:

  • impress a panel of interviewers for THE job, OR
  • want to dress for your audience and take command of the room turning heads in ALL the right ways, OR
  • want to be “hunted” by dating opportunities
    this service is available to help you.

If you are interested in a short, concise 1-4 hour appointment, contact me to discuss your needs.

“Just wanted to let you know that your pep talk worked wonders for my job interview uniform! I got a few Calvin Klein pieces (needed to look conservative) and interviewed at a few firms I had targeted. Got a wonderful offer!”

Katherine H.
Real Estate Broker, Scottsdale

SKYPE Virtual Styling Consultations
Show me your (1) top three outfits or (2) top six outfits on SKYPE and answer a few powerful questions. I will provide a body style analysis to best drape your body for a flattering contemporary style incorporating your personal energies for your personal transformation. Written summary provided. Time allotted 1 or 2 hours. Contact me to schedule.

Personal Shopping
For clients who have completed the Styling Package in the past and need more clothes, another shopping trip can be arranged. Half day and full days can be scheduled. Email me to discuss your needs.

TCC Virtual Styling Assistant
Receive ongoing styling consultations with me via a virtual medium of your choice (phone, email SKYPE, instant messaging, Dropbox, etc.). A quarterly subscription is available for clients who have purchased the Styling Package in the past. Contact me to schedule.


Fashion Feng Shui® 1+ hour workshop where attendees learn their primary essence, influencing essence as well as their elemental body colors (hair, skin and eyes) and visual energy (body type). Learn to manifest a desire or fulfill a dream. 10 people maximum.

Girls Night Out  1+ hour workshop on personal styling, the effect of color, fit, body type, scale and proportion, as well as print selection. A short and concise styling for each participant. 10 people maximum.

Lunch n Learn — 1+ hour workshop where attendees learn Personal Branding and Dressing for Success as an advantage to be a vibrant executive or leader.

Contact me to discuss your workshop needs.