Texture Takeover

Black and White Calf SkinTexture is the amount of surface interest in a fabric.  Image Consultant Jennifer Butler, Reinventing Your Style, 7 Strategies For Looking Dynamic, Powerful and Inspiring, states [t]he greater the surface interest, the greater the texture. 

Fall, 2013 will be a continuation of featured textures with animal hair dominating the season.  You will see belts, gloves, shoes and handbags displaying calf hair. 

Questioning what to buy and how to wear it?  Look at the texture of your skin and hair as well as the size of your facial features.  By this observation, you will know how much surface interest your fabrics should have.  For example, if your hair and skin are smooth, your hair is one color, and your features are consistent in size and appear still, smooth textures will work for you.  If your hair is wavy and has some toning, you have pigment in your skin, and your features vary in size and have movement, medium textures are your key.  If your hair is curly and has many shades, your skin is ruddy or is freckled and your facial features vary in size and are animated, rugged textures are great for you.  If you want help with your personal styling or you want more information about textures, please contact me.

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