What Is The Intention vs. Fashion Feng Shui

Feng Shui Symbols: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and WoodTMZ displayed photos and/or videos of Justin Beber, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.  Whatever their intention, their celebrity status gets put to the test when private events such as these are recorded. Three of the celebrities were intentionally naked, the fourth, possibly an invasion of privacy.   

Fashion Feng Shui does not have a “naked” category. As explained by Image Consultant and FFS Facilitator, Sue Donnelly, The Power of Dressing with Intention,  if the intention is to be a Philosopher and express individuality, tranquility and spirituality, Water Energetic Design Elements dictate dark colors, abstract patterns, fluid/sheer fabrics or flowing shapes. 

If the intention is to be a Pleasure Seeker, to be noticed, desire excitement and be passionate, Fire Energetic Design Elements dictate red/purple colors, pointed/life patterns, angular shapes and animal/shiny fabrics. 

If the intention is to be a Perfectionist, to get organized, desire upscale quality of life and attain goals, Metal Energetic Design Elements dictate white/pastel or metallic colors, round patterns, luxurious fabrics and curvy shapes. 

If the intention is to be a Pioneer, competitive, desires expansion and growth, Wood Energetic Design Elements dictate blue/green, floral or stripe patterns, plant/stretch fabrics and linear shapes. 

If the intention is to be a Peace Maker, service to others, desires security and commitment, the Earth Energetic Design Elements dictate yellow/brown and earth tones, square patterns, textured fabrics and boxy shapes. 

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